Eco-Business Driving is a free service available to any private and public sector organisations located in the Barnsley or Doncaster Council areas.  The scheme aims to reduce the environmental impact vehicle use has by helping organisations to: reduce fuel use, reduce maintenance costs and improve the level of compliance with health and safety legislation.

The scheme provides a ½-day eco-safe training session for drivers of cars, light goods and gray fleet vehicles, a breakfast seminar for managers, an online driving policy review and an online fleet management tool.   

A similar eco-driving scheme delivered in the South Yorkshire area by ourselves found that driver fuel use was reduced by an average of 12%.  

To find out more, please click on the contact link.  We only have places for 500 drivers.  


For you

You will have invested a lot into your company vehicles but are you really seeing all the potential savings from your modern vehicle engines? 

Modern vehicles are cleaner and much more fuel-efficient than ever before, as engines and transmissions have developed significantly over the last few years.  However, most people simply do not maximise the potential benefits these new vehicles offer.  To get anywhere near these benefits it's essential that your drivers need to adopt an Eco-safe driving style. 

What about health and Safety?

You will already be aware that health and safety applies just as much to driving as to any other form of work activity.  This is a little more complex than it sounds, for example, do you have a system in place for checking licences?  How often do your drivers have their eyesight checked?

What about people driving their own cars for company business?  If they use their own car you are responsible for ensuring their compliance.  Do you have a system in place to check their licence, MOT and Insurance?   This scheme offers you access to a free system to do just this, thus improving your compliance in this area.  

The environment

As a responsible organisation, you will want to do all you can to reduce your organisations impact on the environment.  Vehicle use has a major impact on both air quality and global warming.  Air quality has increasingly been seen as a major issue and has been linked to a wide range of illnesses.  An improved driving style can significantly impact on this by reducing the harmful emissions produced by the engine, tyres and brakes. 

Watch the video below to see how the scheme benefited a company who participated previously.






The Scheme

This scheme is free to companies and organisations that are based in the Barnsley and Doncaster boroughs.

Companies enrolling on the scheme will have free access to:

  • Driver training, classroom and in-car
  • An online fleet management system
  • A driving policy review
  • A set of online e-learning modules

What does the training consist of?

A 3½-hour training session, consisting of 2¼-hours in-car and 1¼-hours in classroom.  The in-car session is done on a 2:1 client to instructor ratio.

In-car element

Each driver completes an initial drive over a predetermined route to benchmark their current driving performance. 

In-car discussions based around what eco-safe driving means to them. 

Each client then completes a coaching drive with the instructor helping them to adopt eco-safe driving techniques.

A final drive, where each client uses the same pre-determined route as the initial drive.  This is to show the clients that adopting different driving techniques can improve efficiency and safety with little impact on journey times. 

Classroom element

A group exercise to identify the group’s current level of knowledge and to develop this knowledge to ensure they understand the main environmental impacts of vehicle use.

Exploring how poor levels of air quality impacts on the local communities, financial benefits of improving their driving style, reduced levels of stress, etc. 

Considering how the tips and ideas gained in the in-car element can make a difference without any negative impact on the driver with regards to loss of time, etc.

Group discussions to identify:

  • The main technological advances linked to eco-driving
  • Why crash risk when driving for work is higher than when driving socially

The session will close with a final exercise for the clients to explore the issues that they feel would stop them implementing what they have learned from the course.  Clients will then come up with coping strategies to manage this.  

Enrolling is simple, just click on the contact tab and send us your contact details.  


As part of the Eco Business Driving scheme an e-learning module has been designed to complement the in-car sessions.

To access this module click here






Due to the current COVID-19 situation we have no events planned currently.

Information will appear on this page when we have any further events organised.



If you would like to enrol on the scheme or would like more information, please give us a call on 0114 3600484 or complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.