Review of Occupational Road Risk

Road deaths and serious injuries involving at-work drivers and riders remain one of our most serious road safety issues, according to a strategic review published today.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) commissioned TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) and the Centre for Transport Studies at University College London (UCL) to produce a Strategic Review of the Management of Occupational Road Risk. It assesses the progress made in helping employers to manage the risks their staff face, and create, when they use the road for work purposes.

Since 2006, 4,726 people have been killed and more than 40,000 seriously injured in collisions involving an at-work driver or rider (not including commuting). Since then, almost 30 per cent of road deaths and just over 22 per cent of serious casualties occurred in accidents involving at least one at-work driver or rider.

Often, it is not the at-work driver or rider who is killed or injured, but another road user. In 2012, 87 at-work drivers were killed and 16,720 injured in these collisions, but 422 other road users were also killed, and 25,484 injured.

The review, which was carried out as part of the RoSPA/BNFL scholarship scheme, makes a number of key recommendations. Read more here


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