Info & Downloads

Company Driver Application Form - An off-the-peg application form that we have developed for companies to download and use when they are looking to recruit company drivers.  The document can be edited to suit specific requirements.

An Evaluation of the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership Eco-Business Driving Scheme - Presents the results and benefits gained by those organisations and drivers who participated in the initial scheme (June 2015)

Updated HSE Driving at Work Leaflet - Managing Work Related Road Safety (April 2014)

HSE Driving at Work Document - Managing Work Related Road Safety

GE Capital - "Cash Fleet, Grey Fleet' - Guide to Managing Grey Fleets

HSE Workplace Transport Safety - an Employers' Guide

The Highway Code - an on-line edition

The National Standard for Safe and Responsible Driving - sets out the knowledge, skills and undersanding for all car drivers

Strategic Review of the Management of Occupational Road Risk - The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) commissioned TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) and the Centre for Tramsport Studies at University College London (UCL) to produce a Strategic Review of the Management of Occupational Road Risk. It assesses the progress made in helping employers to manage the risks their staff face, and create, when they use the road for work purposes.  (June 2014) 



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