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The Eco-Business Driving Scheme - helping your small to medium enterprise (SME), larger company or organisation save money, improve safety and reduce environmental impacts!

As a good business you undoubtedly want to reduce your transport costs, but doing this against a background of increasing fuel costs can be a challenge.  However, enhancing your team’s driving standards and improving your organisation’s transport policies and practices can save money by:

  1. Saving fuel

  2. Reducing collisions  

  3. Reducing maintenance costs 

Reducing fuel costs

Vehicles have moved on massively in recent years but the full benefit is not always seen because the driver is not always aware that these new vehicles require a different driving technique to be used to maximise their efficiency.

Collision costs

Insurance covers some of the costs associated with collisions but this is just the tip of the iceberg.  It is estimated that for every £1 a company recovers another £2 to £36 can be lost.  These cost are attributed to lost productivity, management time, personnel isses, etc.  

The table below gives a simple demonstration of how these figures can come about.  The table uses the lowest estimates of two times the cost of the damage.  The table also gives an approximate amount of new revenue that would need to be generated to back-fill the full cost of the collision. 

Item of cost 


Total cost of collision of own and other party vehicles 


Indirect costs


Revenue required to fund collisions at 10% Return on Sales


Revenue required to fund collisions at 10% Return on Sales and the loss of £8,000 of new profit


 As the table above shows, a staggering £80,000 of turnover would be needed to back-fill the associated costs of the collision.  This example demonstrates that reducing collisions would make a massive difference to any organisations bottom line.


Drive Safer - Reduce Your Costs - Save the Planet